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Put Items Into Multiple Departments
If 1 item belongs in multiple categories you can choose as many as are applicable. There is no limit to the number of departments an item can go into.

Unlimited Department Levels
Organize your items into a single level of departments if that suits you or make your departments and sub departments several levels deep.

Automatic Generation of Item Pages
Based on the information entered for an item both a summary and detail page are generated for that item. Any updates made to the items information will be automatically reflected on those item pages immediately making updates a breeze. No programming required.

Overview And Detail Pages For Each Item
Get your customers interested in your item with a small picture and small description. If they want to find out more let them click to get the details on the item. This allows for more items per page and less scrolling for your users. You decide how much information goes into each page.

Small/Large Image for Each Item
Upload both a small and large image for your items to give your shoppers a different look at the item. The store can even automatically make the small image for you and if needed you can upload additional images for each item.

Auto Generation Of 3rd Party Add To Cart Code
If you already have a website the cart can make html snippets that you can simply paste in to make a fully functional add to cart button on an existing webpage. You simply cut and paste that information into your existing site and now you have ecommerce capabilities.

Automatic Inventory Control
Let the store keep track for you of how many items are currently in stock. On successful purchases the quantity in stock is automatically updated appropriately with no manual updates required. The storefront can also be configured to stop selling items when they reach a particular quantity so that items not in stock are no longer sold.

Minimum Purchase Quantity
The store can be configured to require some minimum number of items purchased. This is particularly useful for wholesale stores.

Product Options (ie size, color) w/price diff
Allow your users to pick from a drop down list of options for individual products. Ie clothing stores sometimes require a color or size choice from their customers choices. Add an unlimited number of drop downs and choices for each inventory item. Add additional weights or prices for certain choices, ie XL is +$2.

Add Up to 5 Custom Fields for Each Item Each item has up to 5 undefined fields which can be added to display any information not already captured elsewhere. This can be used to display a books ISBN, a CD distributor, the dimensions or a product or anything else needed for an item.

Allow Customers to Enter in Personalization
Allow the customer to enter up to 5 additional text answers in a free form text field. Useful for capturing a potential customization message for an item, special instructions, personal information, and much more.

Show Item Accessories
Automatically choose accessories for an existing item to allow your customers to easily purchase related items.

Make Special Item Configurations
Configurations allow you to choose different dropdown choices for an item to configure popular plans or pre-built options. For instance a custom computer builder may have several popular configurations for the customer to choose from for their computers which will automatically fill in the drop down choices.

Mass and Quick Edit Items
Quickly edit multiple items at once for massive changes to your inventory rather then having to edit each item individually.

Upload Items from Text File
Populate your items directly from a text file or Excel spreadsheet. Easily upload a 1000 items at once versus entering them in from the web interface one at a time.

Automatically Download Electronic Products
If you sell PDF documents, software files, images, ebooks etc this feature is for you. Let the store automatically deliver your electronic files to the customers so you dont have to. Upon successfull purchase your customer is given a link to download their product. That link is automatically protected so that the purchaser cannot send it to friends.

Automatic Pin Delivery
Upload a set of pins for calling cards, gift certificates, etc. The pin functionality can be used for anything which requires a unique code for each purchase. Once the unique code is used it is not to be used again.

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