About Us

Over 20 Years of Excellence

EasyStoreCreator offers more than just a Shopping Cart for your site.

We are one of the best eCommerce development companies that has received many awards. We provide a lot more than a simple shopping cart for your website. We deliver a comprehensive bundle that includes email, website hosting, support, website analytics, website traffic checkers, banner management, and design tools. Our website builder is very fast, convenient, simple-to-use, and, most importantly, fully customizable and easily adjustable. We give you the control you need to to compete head-to-head in this hi-tech eCommerce world.

We help businesses succeed online with an excited ecommerce experience​.

The EasyStoreCreator servers are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week and in the event of any sites failure our support staff is notified within at least 3 minutes and will begin working on a solution. EasyStoreCreator knows that a slow or down site can scare away customers and we pride ourselves on the uptime and server response times available to our customers.

why are we different ?

Our services are defined by quality and commitment. We begin with the simple principle that do-it-yourself means big savings and that you will prosper most if you have an ecommerce site specifically tailored to your needs. One size does not fit all.  We realize this cannot happen until we can assure you of your profitability by making ecommerce easy and financially rewarding for you. Our next principle is that you know your needs better than anyone else. So we’ve built the most inclusive, instructive and intuitive software to help you build your site. It’s a snap with EasyStoreCreator. Everything you need to build, maintain and expand your ecommerce site is included …

♦  Site Design Software

♦  Shopping Cart Software

♦  Integration with Major Credit Card Gateways

♦  Free Templates

♦  Website Hosting

♦  Live Online Support

♦  Domain Hosting

♦  Search Engine Optimization

Meet Our team

When your mission is to be better and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward. We are a team of qualified and skilled people working day and night for giving you the best platform for your online business.

♦  Melanie White – Founder

♦  Dr. Awais B. – Co Founder & CEO

♦  Christine Girardi- Accounting

♦  Joe Williams – Customer Support Lead

♦  Sam Raz- Customer Support

♦  Cheryl – Customer Support

♦  Alec Brontes – Project Manager & Development Lead

♦  Roger Max – Software Development

♦  David Patel – Software Development

♦  Jaynel Thomas – Quality Assurance

♦  Frank Marlow – Graphics Designer

♦  Abrar H. – SEO

Our Customers

Everything your business needs to build an online store

With EasyStoreCreator, start your business journey and Explore all the tools and services you need to start & grow your business from TODAY!