Beta Mobile Functionality Now Available

Mobile website functionality is now available for all StoreSecured merchants.

To enable mobile functionality in your store

  1. Go to Design > Mobile Site Settings
  2. Select the option “Enable Mobile Version”
  3. Pick a image to use as your mobile logo or input the logo text
  4. Select colors to use in your mobile display
  5. Enter in mobile homepage content
  6. Save changes

Once the mobile functionality is enabled your site will now display a different template for mobile devices.  The mobile template is a very simplified version of your regular template with a simple header and footer and larger text and nothing on the left or right sides.  In addition some individual pages have been modified to fit better on mobile screens and the item summary and detail pages will use a specialized mobile layout.

Please note that this is an initial beta release.  We have tested the mobile functionality on several different mobile devices but there are literally hundreds out there so if the mobile template does not fit on your specific device please send us screenshots of how it looks on your device along with the name of the device and we will do our best to correct the situation.

We invite you to submit your feedback via support request as well as any problems or questions that you may have, this is an initial beta test of the mobile site functionality.