Important Changes – Blog Summary and Abandoned Purchase Email

Blog Summary Changes

The blog summary handling has been modified to include a separate summary field.  Merchants can now define a special blog summary which will be shown on the main blog page instead of the full blog post.  This replaces the previous handling where we were automatically cutting down the full blog post to 500 characters.  Automatically cutting the blog post was creating problems with invalid html on many blog posts due to html throughout the posts and tags no longer matching.  If no separate blog summary is given the entire post will be shown on the summary page.  To create summaries for your blog posts please visit the blog post edit screen, ie Design–>Blogs–>View/Edit

Abandoned Purchase Email

A check box has been added to the abandoned purchase email notification to alert the store admin about the abandoned purchase.   This email will automatically be sent, if it is enabled, at the same time that the email is sent to the customer about their purchase.  This allows the store admin to follow up with the customer if necessary.    To enable the admin notification go to General–>Email–>Notifications and look under the Abandoned Purchase Email heading.