Email Security FAQ

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Some common questions we have received so far after the update: 1) I am using Outlook or another program to read email do I need to update the server address from to No, the address change is ONLY for those who are using webmail. If you are using Outlook or your phones email etc this does NOT change. 2) Should I enable Secure Password Authentication? No, Secure password authentication should not be checked, it is only for … Continue reading “Email Security FAQ”

CloudFlare, Caching, Bandwidth & Speed

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Recently we have gotten a few queries from customers after the switch to using the CloudFlare services and I wanted to take a explain caching for those of you who are curious.   Part of the service that CloudFlare offers by default is a caching mechanism which saves your stores images, css and js files across the globe. This makes the sites load very quickly as the files can come from a server that is located very geographically close to … Continue reading “CloudFlare, Caching, Bandwidth & Speed”

Instructions to change email passwords

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To change your password just log in to web mail, if your password does not meet the strength requirements you will be prompted to change it.   What if I don’t know an existing password? If you don’t know the password for a inbox you can reset it by logging in as the main email admin for your account. To login as the main email admin go to the username would be If you don’t know the password for … Continue reading “Instructions to change email passwords”

How to change the FTP password

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In light of all of the recent password changes for the admin and email areas we have had some customers also ask about changing their FTP passwords to also be strong passwords.  FTP passwords can be changed from My Account–>Change FTP Password.  Only the main store admin can access this page and you must know your existing password in order to make the change.  We highly recommend that all users ensure that the FTP password meets the standard password complexity … Continue reading “How to change the FTP password”

How to unsubscribe from feedback forum emails

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Recently we have had some merchants asking how to unsubscribe from the feedback forum emails.   To unsubscribe Go to My Account–>Feature Requests–>Feedback Forum This will take you to the feedback forum In the top right look for your name/store name, ie Signed in as x Click on your name Uncheck the box next to the emails that you do not wish to receive Hit submit

New Password Requirements and Recommendations

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There have been some questions lately regarding the new password requirements.  This article is meant to clarify and give recommendations for good passwords. Password requirements: Must be at least 7 characters Must have at least 1 uppercase letter Must have at least 1 lowercase letter Must have at least 1 number Must have at least 1 symbol, such as ` ! ? $ ? % ^ & * ( ) _ – + = { [ } ] : ; @ … Continue reading “New Password Requirements and Recommendations”

Hint of the day

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Did you know that you can edit attributes for an item directly without having to first go to the item edit page?  Go to inventory–>items–>attributes–>view/edit.  You will see a list of all attributes for all of your items, you can then search for attributes of a particular item or a particular option, ie Size, Color, Red, Blue, etc.

2 Tips to Reduce your Email Spam

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Don’t use the catch-all email addresses for your domain name, instead use email aliases A catch-all is a way to collect all email sent to a domain name that does not have its own email inbox.  Many merchants use this to collect email that is sent to different email addresses in a single inbox.  The advantage of a catch-all is that if a email is misspelled it will still be delivered to your inbox.  The disadvantage of catch-alls is that … Continue reading “2 Tips to Reduce your Email Spam”

Best Practices for Images

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Optimize all images for the web to a maximum of 90% quality.  This will make the image filesize 50% smaller, load in half the time and take up less bandwidth, all without sacrificing quality or image size. Dont use any special characters.  Use only a-z, 0-9, underscore and dash.  Special characters can cause problems with some older browsers and are not worth the trouble.  It is not a good idea to use spaces, quotes etc in image names.  Use a … Continue reading “Best Practices for Images”