StoreSecured Knowledge-Base & Support Portal

Posted on December 7, 2020Categories Announcements, Features, Important Changes, Notices

Dear valued customers, We are pleased to announce that we have redesigned our knowledge-base and support portal for the convenience of our customers. You can access this portal in the following two ways: Direct Access: You can directly access knowledge-base and support portal by typing the following URL in browser: From “Get Help” link in Manage Portal: You can access knowledge-base and support portal from the “Get Help” link given in manage site “”. Features:* In our new knowledge-base … Continue reading “StoreSecured Knowledge-Base & Support Portal”

Email Security Changes and Maintenance Period 6/24

Posted on June 20, 2018Categories Important Changes, Notices

Effective June 24th there will be several security changes to our email server to comply with PCI rules. Webmail will be moved from to (ONLY for Webmail). Webmail must be connected to securely, ie https vs http All connections to read/deliever mail should be done securely, using TLS (NOT SSL) connections TLS 1.0 will be disabled, SSL will be disabled. All connections must use TLS1.2 or higher The mailserver will not accept plaintext credentials. All credentials must be … Continue reading “Email Security Changes and Maintenance Period 6/24”

New Feature – Secure Custom Domain Names

Posted on November 15, 2016Categories Important Changes

StoreSecured now supports the ability to make your custom domain name the secure name for your store as well.  Ie currently if you have a name like your secure url during checkout might be something like The new functionality will allow you to keep your custom domain name active for the entire checkout process, ie no switching the name during checkout.  It will also enable the store to be in secure mode 100% of the time.   Prerequisite … Continue reading “New Feature – Secure Custom Domain Names”

Important data storage change

Posted on August 3, 2016Categories Important Changes

Important changes regarding credit card data storage. Due to the ever changing PCI landscape and increasingly stringent PCI rules and regulations, moving forward StoreSecured will no longer store full credit card numbers. Storing this information causes increased potential risk and PCI burden for StoreSecured and all our merchants. Effective 9/1/2016 ONLY the last 4 digits will be stored for new transactions.  All existing full credit card numbers stored in the system will be removed by September 16. For merchant using … Continue reading “Important data storage change”

Merchant Action Requested – DNS Change

Posted on April 13, 2016Categories Important Changes, Notices

===================================================== **Merchant Action Requested for Custom Domain Names** ===================================================== If your store uses a custom domain name, for instance the following instructions apply to you. If your store is only available at a subdomain, for instance, or the below information does NOT apply. ===================================================== In order to take full advantage of the planned upgrades and for a more seamless transition we urge all customers who are currently using Rackspace nameservers to update your domain nameservers. If your … Continue reading “Merchant Action Requested – DNS Change”

Bandwidth limits doubled for all merchants

Posted on November 4, 2013Categories Important Changes

Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, Santa has come early this year.  Just in time for the busy holiday shopping season we have negotiated a new deal with our hosting provider to offer additional bandwidth for all of our merchants.  The new plan limits will take effect for the November billing cycle which is billed at the beginning of December.   Old Bandwidth 16 GB New Bandwidth 32 GB   Legacy merchants, please visit the plan limits for legacy merchants help page for information … Continue reading “Bandwidth limits doubled for all merchants”

Login Changes Completed

Posted on August 3, 2013Categories Features, Important Changes

The login change mentioned previously has now been implemented. All customers can now login using either their email or their old user name. No changes or settings are required for individual stores. What exactly has changed? Customers will no longer be asked to create a username when creating a new account, the email address will be used instead. The user name field on the login screen for returning users has been changed to be labelled Email. There are no longer … Continue reading “Login Changes Completed”

Important: Log in change coming

Posted on July 26, 2013Categories Important Changes 1 Comment on Important: Log in change coming

Effective Saturday August 3rd evening all stores will be switched to a log in method based on email address INSTEAD of user name.  To prevent confusion or problems, all existing customers will be able to log in using EITHER a user name OR email address.   New customers will no longer be asked to choose a user name upon registration and the system will automatically use the email address for this purpose.  The fields currently labelled User name will be … Continue reading “Important: Log in change coming”