EasyStoreCreator provides several customization features to merchants for managing their online stores. Such as Theme builder, Picking a built-in template, offers free custom design, modification of existing templates, changing colors and text, insertion of custom HTML, uploading of separate HTML pages, Javascripting,  insertion of new pages, content management, switching between different templates, giving option to preview your changes before applying any template, allow changes in Item/Department page design layout, and many more…

Get A Free Custom Design

Work directly with a design to get a free design created for your store. 1 free designed included with each store.

Choose A Built In Template

Choose from over 75 built in pre-designed templates with just one mouse click.

Use The Theme Builder

Even if you dont know html thats not a problem. There is a built in tool to help anyone make their own design. Choose colors, graphics, fonts and more with the click of a button.

Modify Existing Template

Choose an existing template and modify it to fix your store exactly. Modify just 1 image or change every part of the template. The level of changes is completely up to you.

Change Colors And Text

Choose the type of font and colors for your buttons, links, background, and text. Simply point and click to change the whole site at once.

Insert Your Own Html

For those who know html or want to use a 3rd party editor you can insert your own html in the site builder to achieve exactly the design you want. You can even copy an existing site design. Make a design in front-page, dreamweaver, fireworks or any website building tool you want and paste it into the site.

Choose From Hundreds Of Configuration Options

Choose from hundreds of options to configure the way your store works and make it unique. No programming required just check the options you want to turn on or off.

Use Flash And/Or Javascript

Want a flash demo, some javascript functions or cascading stylesheets. All of these can be added and used within the site.

Change Item/Dept Layout

Choose what elements you want and where. You are in complete control of how your items/departments are displayed and how much detail is on each page.

Insert New Pages

Add an unlimited number of pages with any content you desire. You can add pages for directions, store hours, pictures, forms to capture information, information pages, movies and much more.

Switch Between Templates

Make several different templates and give your site a differnet look for differnet occassions. Perhaps a Christmas template for the holidays.

Add Content To Pages

Add additional information above or below the precreated pages to help customize them for your store.

Preview Your Changes

Work on your templates while the site is still active. Preview your changes before applying them to the store so you can even make changes while customers are still shopping in your store.

Upload Separate Html Pages

If you already have pages made that you want to use these can be uploaded directly to your site to work with the pre-created pages.

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