Special Offer: 1.5% Ecommerce Merchant Account Rate

I would like to extend to all of our merchants a special offer that we’ve been working on for credit card rates.  This is a group deal for StoreSecured merchants through Jason Peek of Community Merchant Services and its really the best rates that I’ve ever seen in my 10 years of ecommerce.



$0 setup fee

$15 monthly minimum

$35 monthly fee (includes $5 statement fee, $10 gateway fee, $20 account fee)


Rates come in 4 tiers

.99% for normal bank cards (ie debit)

1.50% for regular credit cards

2.00% rewards cards

2.50% for non-qual cards (ie international etc)


1 year contract


The last two card types are only approximately 10% of cards and your current merchant account would include these as extra fees as well.  Most ecommerce merchant accounts do not even give a special debit card rate.

Avs and trans fee combined is .20 cents


This is honestly the best rate I’ve ever heard of for online processing.  Up until now we have recommend rates that are around 2% (most merchant accounts advertise the second rate above as that’s the most popular rate, ie regular credit cards).  So this is a full .5% lower rate and most online merchant accounts do not pass on the savings for debit cards at all so that is a great addition.


If you are interested in signing up or hearing more please use the contact information below.  They can work out special pricing based on your unique situation as well if needed.  Make sure to mention that you want the special offer for StoreSecured merchants or you won’t get this pricing.  You must signup before the end of January to get this special pricing, this is a slow time for merchant account rates so they are doing special promotions to get new sign-ups.


Contact Information

Jason Peek

Community Merchant Services

cell 714 488 0495


How much will this save me?

Note that if your current rate is 2% which is considered a pretty good rate for ecommerce merchant accounts and if you have $10,000 per month of credit card sales you could save $50 a month. If your sales are higher then $10,000 your savings would be increased substantially.  If you aren’t sure how much you will save they can do a comparison for you, ie review your current merchant account statements to see how much you will save, just ask.


Which gateway

The default gateway used is Cybersource however they can set you up with other gateways as well if you have a specific preference or one that you are familiar with.



Please contact Jason using the information below if you have any questions at all.