Important FTP Server Changes

Please note the following important changes coming for the StoreSecured FTP Server.

FTP Username change – effective March 8th

FTP usernames for all stores will be changed to use the store id for the username.  FTP Passwords will remain the unchanged (please see the note below about password strength).

Only secure connections allowed – effective March 25th

All users will be required to connect to the FTP server using a FTP client that supports FTPS or SFTP connections, ie port 990 or port 22.

FTP Password strength requirements enforced – effective March 25th

All FTP Passwords must meet password strength requirements or your FTP account will be temporarily disabled until it does meet the requirements.   Passwords which are to easy to guess are a possible security hazard.  FTP Passwords must contain at least one of each of the following: upper and lowercase characters, numbers, a symbol and be at least 7 characters long.   If your password does not meet the strength requirements you should see a message in yellow at the top of your screen when editing  your store.

Frequently asked Questions

What is FTP?

FTP stands for file transfer protocol.  FTP is used to easily transfer large amounts of data, ie html files, images etc, from your local computer to the store server.  If you do not know what FTP is you probably do not use it and can disregard this message.  Most of our merchants do NOT use FTP, it is an advanced functionality.

Why are these changes required?

These changes are part of an upgrade to our FTP server to comply with new PCI rules and regulations.

When will the future changes occur?

March 25th

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