In Loving Memory of Cheryl

To all of our merchants who have had the chance to speak to support via phone or even chat you may have come to know and love Cheryl.  I am sad to report that Cheryl passed away in her home early this week of apparently natural causes.   Cheryl worked diligently to provide excellent support to all merchants of StoreSecured.  She considered many of our merchants to be her friends.  She was a hard worker, a great friend and she will certainly be missed by all here at StoreSecured.  Although Cheryl did have some health problems her passing was still very unexpected.

Rest in Peace Cheryl, we all miss you.

11 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Cheryl”

  1. Jim Nam says:

    Everyone at are shocked to hear of Cheryl’s passing. We feel all those times that she assisted us with our needs and met them, we are just so grateful to have had the pleasure to have got to know her.

    Cheryl was very professional and just a delightful person.

    We would like to send our deepest, heart felt and best wishes to her family and friends during this difficult time.

    Thank you Cheryl for everything, we will miss you and God Bless.

    the staff @

  2. Ron Rowe says:

    Dear Melanie and StoreSecured staff,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Cheryl’s family.
    What a sad loss of a very kind and dedicated person.
    She will be missed.

    All of us at Sunglasses Cheaper

  3. I am shock to hear about Cheryl’s passing. I just spoke with her a couple of weeks ago. She was always so helpful and we made each other laugh a lot. We even spoke to each other after she was done with her work day, not often but enough. She wanted to know more about why I spoke some much about the Jesus so much! I was excited to share with her what He has done for me and how I love for him. My husband, Glenn and I, and will be praying for her family and friends during this time as well.

    Elder Glenn and Barbara Stuart

  4. The staff here at RockPoP Gallery was saddened to hear about Cheryl’s passing and hope that everyone at StoreSecured is holding up under the circumstances.
    She was always very helpful and eager to solve a customer’s problems – are rarity in the time-crunched tech support world.
    Please relate our sentiments to her family and friends.
    Sincerely – Mike G & The RockPoP Gallery staff

  5. Jan Paxson says:

    I am extremely saddened to hear about the passing of Cheryl. She was always a pleasure to work with and I could always count on her help!!!

    I remember she calmed my nerves when my 21 year old moved to New York City for 10 weeks last summer.

    Kaleel Brothers would like to extend our sympathies to her family, friends and all of the Store Secured staff. She will be missed.

  6. The American Numismatic Collector would like to extend heart felt sympathy to the family, friends and co-workers of Cheryl. She will leave a void in the many lives that she touched with her kindness and knowledge. She will truly be missed.

  7. Cheryl will be missed. I really enjoyed speaking with her every single time. She would laugh and make me laugh. She would explain something and then say, jokingly, “now is that clear as mud?” But she was there, a really kind human being in an automated world. She made a huge difference. We at TBI send virtual flowers and condolences to Cheryl’s family and coworkers.
    Aaren, Lesley and everyone at Team Builders Plus and store 625

  8. Liz says:

    I am so saddened by this news… Cheryl, wherever you are, keep it light and happy as you always have…
    I’ve enjoyed my many conversations with Cheryl and appreciated her much-needed guidance…
    Thank you to all of you there; heads up and strive onward.
    Godspeed, Cheryl.
    Liz at EquiBaby

  9. To everyone — over the last several years Cheryl has helped me in many ways . . always helpful . . always interested in what was going on with the business and with my family. I just found out from my daughter, Elizabeth, with, that Cheryl had passed away. I am so sorry for those who will miss her – including family members and all of us out here in the cyber-retail-land. Carry on Joe, Sam et al!

  10. Alec says:

    Cheryl– The great personality…Missing her a lot. Rest in peace Cheryl!

  11. Dear StoreSecured Staff,

    Our office has often called support and I’ve spoken with Cheryl many times. She was always exceptionally nice and friendly. She always be happy to hear from us, and would always ask us about how things were on the east coast.

    We will miss Cheryl and wish her family, friends, and co-workers nothing but the best. She will be missed!

    Princeton Student Agencies

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