Item Attribute Sku changes coming

Beginning on February 14th, StoreSecured will be changing that way that we handle items with attribute skus defined. Currently these skus are only displayed in a special attribute sku column on the order details pages and are never exported or stored anywhere else. Beginning on February 14th the attribute sku if it exists will be appended to the item sku for purchases.

For example if you have an item with sku Wagon and attributes for colors Red and Black with attribute skus also defined as Red and Black. The old item sku column would of just been Wagon. The new item sku column will be Wagon|Red or Wagon|Black. If you have multiple attributes for an item that can be selected for instance Size and Color both with attribute skus defined the format will be as follows:
and so on where each attribute sku is separated by a comma.
Many of our merchants have never defined an item attribute sku. If this is the case for your store, ie you leave the attribute skus blank, this change will not affect you. Also for those merchants who do not use attributes, this change will also not affect you.

This change will only affect orders that are placed on or after February 14th. Any orders placed before this date will be unaffected. This change is being implemented to better support our merchants who need the attribute sku information to display on receipts and to be exported to third party systems.

Please contact support for any questions regarding this upcoming change.

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