Item reviews functionality change effective tomorrow 10/7

The item review functionality will be changed effective tomorrow to remove the stars from the standard small item layout that displays just the item name and picture.   Several of our beta testers for the review functionality have indicated that this layout looks to busy with the stars included and therefore they will be removed.

If you are not using the item review functionality, not using a standard layout or not using the small layout with just the item name and picture this change will have NO impact on your store and you can ignore this notice.

No changes will be made to the item detail layouts.

To activate this change for your store just go to the item layout page and hit save and the change will then apply to your store.  If you are using this layout and have reviews enabled and do NOT wish to have this change applied to your store choose the custom layout and hit save, this will save your current layout.

Please note also that the stars can be removed or added to any small or detail item layout at anytime by using the custom layout and adding or removing the review keyword.

If you have any questions regarding this change please direct them to our support staff via a support request.