Letter from Paypal, Re: Errors they had this morning

The following is an email received this morning from PayPal regarding errors that they experienced today.  Please note that recently PayPal has been experiencing some downtime and timeout issues and your customers may have had trouble checking out with PayPal.  We have received several impact emails from PayPal recently with this one stating the most severe impact, ie customers actually unable to checkout.  You can see other recent substantial impact notices from PayPal as well at https://www.x.com/developers/paypal/documentation-tools/site-status/pp-live


Email from PayPal below:

Subject: Resolved: Major Impact to Direct Payment API, Express Checkout, and PayPal APIs  – Jan 17 – Live Site


We experienced a system issue which may have affected Direct Payment, Express Checkout,  Virtual Terminal transactions and Website. During this time, some API calls may have failed with “10001-Internal Error”, Virtual Terminal transactions may have failed with “We can’t process your transaction right now. Try again later.” and PayPal users may have experienced “Sorry, your last action could not be completed” when attempting payments on the website. This issue has been resolved as of Jan 17, 6:49 AM PST (Jan 17, 2:49 PM GMT).