Marketing Features

Marketing Features

EasyStoreCreator provides several tools and options to manage the marketing of your products such as you can offer promotional discounts, digital coupons, quantity discounts, rewards, electronic gift certificates, affiliate program, special pricing, detailed site statistics, banner impression and click tracking, save shopping carts, send item to a friend, display feature items on homepage, send out newsletters to your newsletter subscribers, allow your customers to signup or remove themselves from newsletters, and many more…

Opt In Newsletter

Allow your customers to signup and remove themselves from your newsletter automatically without manual updates. All emails sent out automatically include a way for the user to remove themselves from your list.

Newsletter Management

Automatically send out newsletter to your newsletter subscribers and prior customers. Have each email automatically customized with details about the customer such as their name, prior purchases etc for a more personal experience.

Feature Items On The Homepage

Special 1 click access allows you to easily feature individual items on the homepage or take them off the homepage and put on new items.

Send Item To A Friend

Let your visitors promote the site for you by sending items to their friends/aquaintances by automatically adding a send to a friend link on all of your items if you want.

Save Shopping Cart

Allow customers to save a shopping cart for later retrieval or to send to a friend as a wish list.

Promotional Discounts

Setup discounts for a particular group of customers or a certain date range or give away free items. Promotions are applied at checkout automatically to customers who meet the listed criteria.

Banner Impression and Click Tracking

Have you exchanged links with another site or maybe someone is paying you to send visitors to them. The banner impression and tracking utility will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns as well as number of times a particular banner was viewed and clicked.

Provide Digital Coupons

Send out digital coupon codes in newsletters, or to repeat customers or advertise them on your website. Your customer simply enters that coupon at checkout and the discount is applied to their order. You can restrict coupons to a certain valid date range, min or max order and much more.

Special Pricing By Date

Are you having a special sale but only for 1 week? Setup special pricing for your items for a certain date range and during that time period all customers will automatically receive the discounted price.

Quantity Discounts

Do you want to reward your customers for buying more then 1 item? Maybe for more then 5 etc? You set the ranges and new price for each range. Each item can have as many tiers of pricing as needed. Ie retail price $18.99, buy 2 or more items $15 each.

Special Pricing for Certain Groups

Do you reward special frequent shoppers or have special discounts for wholesale shoppers? You can put these customers into different groups and then assign different pricing to each customer group if needed. Then once a customer logs in they can see their special price.

Google Shopping Feeds Integration

Google Shopping Feeds formerly known as Froogle is a shopping directory site from the world famous Google. Google Shopping Feeds is a free service for site owners such as yourself to get visitors to their store. Your products can be sent once a night to Google for inclusion in their directory.

Detailed Site Statistics

Capture detailed information about how your visitors shop, where they come from, how long they stay on your site, the days and times of the week, browsers, keywords and much more. Knowing this information can help you determine where to concentrate your marketing efforts and what is working and what is not. This is much more then a basic counter but it can also tell you how many people have visited the site.

Rewards Program

Compete with the larger stores by offering your frequent customers rewards for coming back. You setup the terms and conditions of the rewards program and the store can manage it for you. Configure the percentage received from purchases along with the dollar value required in order to redeem rewards dollars. When a customer is eligible to redeem rewards they will be automatically prompted at checkout whether they want to use their rewards dollars or not.

Electronic Gift Certificates

Automatic online purchase and generation of digital gift certificates for any amount you choose. The store will create the gift certificate code and send it automatically to the purchaser who can then use this code either until the total amount is used or the certificate has expired. You set the expiration date and terms of use.

Affiliate Program

Manage your own online affiliate program. An affiliate program allows you to reward other website owners for sending you visitors. The cart automatically captures where a visitor was referred from and updates each affiliates statistics accordingly. Reward affiliates per visitor sent or as a percentage of sale. You can then generate reports detailing total amounts owed to each affiliate. The affiliate management allows each affiliate to signup online, get links and banner code and view their statistics which makes the program virtually manage itself.

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