MaxMind Service Integration Upgrade

Support is now available for the MaxMind field RiskScore.  Please note that this is a newer Maxmind field that replaces the old FraudScore and is supposed to be more accurate at determining fraud vs good orders.


Not Using MaxMind?

If you are not already using the MaxMind service I highly recommend it.  It only costs a few dollars a month and it can help to detect fraud which can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Please see General–>Payments–>Fraud Control for more information.  If you are not interested in this service you can ignore the rest of this message.


Current Maxmind Customers

In order to use this new support first login to your Maxmind Account and make sure you are using version 1.1 or higher at the following url

Next login to your StoreSecured account and go to General–>Payments–>Fraud Control and enter in the risk score that you would like to reject at.  Ie reject order with a risk score of x or higher.  You might want to start with 100 which is the maximum and then after a few orders you can get an idea what you would like to really set the score to.  From my personal experience orders of 50% risk or higher are usually fraudulent for our business.  If your store was already using minfraud version 1.1 or higher riskscore has already been captured for older orders and you can review those for details from the order details screen.

Please note that the stores will now check both scores to make sure they are both below the set threshold.  If you wish to only use the new RiskScore then simply set the FraudScore reject value to 11, this will ensure that the old score is never used.

The risk score is now available on the order details screen and is displayed next to the fraud score.

If you do nothing your store will continue to check only on the old fraud score but the new risk score will be captured and displayed for your use.

More information about the risk score and how it is calculated can be found at