New Feature Item Image Gallery

Image Gallery Instructions
To add gallery images to an item go to the New Item Edit Screen for the appropriate item. If you do not see the edit field labeled Gallery Images please enable it from the settings tab first. Choose the additional images that you wish to display using the image picker or image uploader icons to the right of the gallery images field. Once images are added to the gallery field they can be ordered using the up and down arrows at the right. Click on an image name in the gallery images box and then use the arrows to move it up or down in the priority list. This is the order that the images will be displayed in. You can preview the item to see the newly added images. See below for the note about the image generation process and how it may take a few minutes.

Changing the gallery image size
Go to General–>Item Settings to define the sizes for your gallery images. Scroll down to Image Resizing. You will see boxes showing width and height options for the different kinds of image, ie Thumbnail and Large. Please choose the maximum width and height for each kind of image. If you are unsure what sizes to use try using the defaults. Select the save button to save your changes. The image resizer will keep the correct image proportions, for instance, if you select a size of 200×200 and upload an image that is 400×800 the new resized size would be 100×200. Ie the proportions are still the same as before but the image will be resized to fit the correct maximum size. If we were to resize this image instead to 200×200 it would look squished.

How does the gallery work?
The small and large images are displayed as they normally would be on the item summary and detail pages except that the large images on items with gallery images will now be resized according to the dimensions you gave on the item settings page. The large image will be the default image shown. Any additional images uploaded as gallery images will be shown along with the large image on the item detail page. Thumbnail images will be shown below the large image area. Clicking on any of the thumbnail images will bring up the large version of that image. Clicking on the large image will bring up the full size image in a larger div. You can also scroll through the full sized images by clicking on the next and previous buttons. There will be 2 new versions created of each of the large images and gallery images, these are the thumbnail and large sized.

Importing and Exporting
The gallery images have also been added to the item import and export. Please see the item import column definition for the gallery images for an example and description of how the gallery images should be formatted for imports.

Important Notes
The different sizes for each of your images are generated in the background by an image resizer and optimizer. This process will occur once every couple of minutes and then the images are sent out to each of our web servers. This means if you change the sizes of your images you may not see an immediate change for the size of all of your images also if you have just uploaded new images initially they may not display. Please give the system a few minutes to generate new images with the correct size.

External images, ie images with a path defined like cannot be resized because they are not located on our servers and thus will not be displayed in item image galleries.
The old item edit page does not support the gallery functionality. You must be using the new item edit pages to add gallery images.