New Feature – Secure Custom Domain Names

StoreSecured now supports the ability to make your custom domain name the secure name for your store as well.  Ie currently if you have a name like your secure url during checkout might be something like

The new functionality will allow you to keep your custom domain name active for the entire checkout process, ie no switching the name during checkout.  It will also enable the store to be in secure mode 100% of the time.



Your site must be using the Cloudflare service in order to activate your custom domain name as the secure name.  If Cloudflare is not yet activated you will be unable to proceed.


To enable this feature please visit

General–>Domain Name–>View/Edit

Click on the Edit link for the default custom domain name

Check the box labelled, Set as secure

Select the Save button


The store will now use the secure default domain name for all pages of your site and will no longer switch back and forth.

Old method for shopping etc once login and checkout are started

Once changed used everywhere

All old urls will continue to be active, ie visitors coming in to would be redirected to the stores default domain name.


Important Considerations

The store will automatically use secure mode 100% of the time if your secure name and default name are the same.  This is a good thing for Google and other search engines as it can boost your rankings since they now give preference to secure sites.  It is important to note however, that if you are using external scripts, image paths or full path to other references that are unsecure, ie http vs https, these external unsecure references can potentially give an error message to your customers on the secure page.  Ie something like, warning there are unsecure items on this page.  The actual security is not compromised but the error message can scare away some customers.  Therefore if you want to take advantage of this functionality we highly recommend first ensuring that you do not have any unsecure paths referenced.

We normally see these unsecure paths coming from external scripts, ie things added to the template like, 3rd party seals, 3rd party javascript, counters or statistics scripts, or images that are hosted outside of our system.  If you are receiving these unsecure errors and need help determining how to correct or find the issues please contact our support team by submitting a support ticket, we would be happy to help.