New Features Available – Shipping and Customized Receipt

1) Customize Store Side Receipts & Cart

Functionality is now available to customize several different views of the cart and receipt.   Choose which columns to display as part of the shopping cart view, order preview and customer receipt.  Columns can be shown or hidden from Design–>Customize Invoice.  Please note that some columns are only shown if there is data in them, for instance attribute sku, promotions, back orders etc.

2) Order Shipping Import

Functionality is now available to import order shipping tracking information from a file.   Import order tracking information, customize the email sent, enter a shipping date, shipping company etc.  To find out more please visit Orders–>Import–>Ship Orders.  The import specification and further details are available along with sample import data.

3) Ship Selected Capture Amount

The store now supports partial order capture from the ship selected orders page.  Previously all captures done from the ship selected page were automatically done on the full order amount.  A box is now available showing the amount to capture and the amount can be modified as needed to capture only partial order totals if needed.  Go to Orders–>Search, select the orders to mark as shipped and then select the Ship Selected button.