New Feedback System

We are excited to announce a new way to gather feedback from valuable merchants like yourself.

Introducing the feedback tab.  This tab is now on the side of all administrative pages.  Click on the tab from any page while editing your store to see the current top feedback from other merchants and visit our feedback forum to add your own ideas, vote on others ideas and more.

Each store receives up to 10 total votes.  These votes can be used to help show us what is important to you.

This new feedback system will be replacing our current feature request list so we encourage all merchants to add your ideas here.  We are excited that merchants can view others ideas and show their support for those ideas.

It is our hope that this new system will help us to be even more receptive to suggestions and requests from merchants like yourself.

Features are chosen for implementation based on a balance of what is most important to our merchants and the time required to add such a feature.  For instance if a feature would only take a few days to add it would need less support to be added then a feature which would require months to add.

A big thank you goes out to all of our wonderful merchants who have always taken the time to share their ideas and feedback to make StoreSecured great.