New Imports Added for Item Quantity and Attributes

4 new imports/exports have been added:

Attribute Import/Export

  • Allows the import of attributes for all items with the ability to set any criteria that you can set from the attribute edit screen.  Also includes the export of all attributes.

Item Quantity Update Import

Item Attribute Quantity Update Import

Item Attribute Intersection Quantity Update Import

  • The quantity update imports allow the merchant to change the existing quantity in stock by adding or removing items.  This is helpful in cases where you receive a shipment of new items and do not necessarily know how many items are already in stock, also useful to update stock while orders are being placed in realtime without the need to know current quantity on hand.
  • For example, I receive 3 red shirts into my warehouse.  I can tell the store I have 3 new red shirts and it will update the current stock on hand without needing to figure out how many shirts in total are now on hand.
  • The quantity update imports are available at the item, attribute and attribute intersection level so that you can change the quantity for a single item, a certain color or size or even a certain size and color together.