New Quickbooks functionality

StoreSecured is now certified for Advanced Integration with Atandras T-Hub product. This is a third party product which allows for direct integration from your store to a quickbooks file on a realtime basis. Ie orders are downloaded by T-hub and entered into quickbooks automatically. The T-hub product also allows for products to be added to your store directly from quickbooks.

T-HUB allows you to post online orders to QuickBooks, print shipping labels/packing lists, Update inventory from QuickBooks to your website.

The Benefits of using T-HUB:

•T-HUB offers 2-way QuickBooks integration for your online store.

•Order management – Fulfill online orders quickly by easily printing shipping labels with UPS/FedEx/USPS

•Complimentary solution to QuickBooks – T-HUB has all the features you need to handle ecommerce and yet retain QuickBooks for your Inventory/Accounting functions.

•T-HUB liberates you from integration challenges. Use the popular QuicBooks for your inventory/accounting function and leave the integration challenge to T-HUB.

For more information about T-Hub please visit

T-Hub settings

Shopping Cart = Quick Cart (StoreSecured is not in the list but this one uses the same setup)


Username and password = Your regular admin login and password (must be the main admin user)

Security Key = Your store id

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