Scheduled Maintenance Update

The planned maintenance database and internal security updates were successfull completed earlier this evening with a minimum amount of downtime for all sites.

The mailserver downtime was delayed due to some network delays and is currently in progress. We are sorry for the delay in starting this part of the maintenance. The mailserver downtime did begin at approximately 11:00pm PST and was completed just after midnight PST. Please note that this planned downtime will not cause any lose of mail, only the inability to retrieve that mail for a short period of time. Now that service is restored, mail that was sent/received during the scheduled outage will be on its way with a possible short delay.

If you experience any connection problems to the mail once service is restored this may be due to a cached DNS setting, to get around it you can temporarily connect from an alternate address like or using the ip address of in place of any references to NOTE: we only recommend this workaround as a temporary solution if you are unable to connect using the regular mailserver information.

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