Search Engine Optimization

One of the best ways to get traffic to your web site is to optimize your pages for the search engines. The hardest part about optimizing your pages is knowing the right keywords to use. You might be able to get a number one ranking but that wont help if no one ever searches on that term. Conversely, you might try to optimize for a word that has millions of other websites competing and your site might not show up until page 100. The best keywords to pick are those that are relevant to your site, have very little competition and a high number of searches performed.

Now that you have your keywords selected you should choose 3 relevant keywords per page. Ensure that these 3 keywords are use throughout your webpage including the most important locations, the title page, description, keywords and links. Make sure that each optimized page contains relevant content that will peak your visitors interest. Adding too many keywords is considered spamming and may get your website banned from search engines.

SEO Tips And Tools

Free tips, video tutorials and articles all throughout the store builder to help you make the most out of your website.

Search Engine Friendly Dynamic Pages

Our store builder is optimized to make sure search engines can read and index all of the pages of your site even though they are dynamically generated. This is not the case with many dynamic site builders. Our filtering technology makes each page look static to the search engines which means better listings for you.

Define Meta Keyword, Title and Description

Define individual search engines tags at whatever level of detail you want. Define tags for the entire store, for an individual page, for an item or even for a department. Adding in different tags for each individual page increases the liklihood of getting listed under different search terms.

Custom Page Head Sections

For advanced users who want additional meta tags the store provides for custom header sections on each individual page which can be used to further optimize your individual pages for search engines.

Automatic Catalog Generation With Keywords

Based on the information you enter for your items and departments the store builder will automatically make pages for each item, each department, subdepartment and so on with your keywords, and descriptions automatically entered. No more manual updates to individual pages. Updating your item in 1 location updates it everywhere your customer would see that item.

Product Names In Title Tags

Automatic insertion of your products name in the title tag, even if you do nothing, ensures that search engines can more easily find and index your products.

Automatic Breadcrumb Navigation

As your customers progress into your department/sub department heirarchy they might want to go back to where they came from. If they cannot find a way to easily get back they may become lost. With EasyStoreCreator the customer is automatically given a listing at the top of the page showing the path they used to get to the current page with links to previous pages. This increases the usability of the website.

Once your pages are optimized the work is not done. You need to constantly monitor your search engine optimization. There are several tools available to keep reports from week to week and automatically monitor your sites movement.

Once your pages get good rankings keep monitoring them to ensure they stay there. If your site starts to slip find out why and make the appropriate changes to keep your site on the top.

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