Shipping Features

Shipping Features

EasyStoreCreator provides several tools and options to manage the shipment of your store orders Shipment according to your business requirements such as you can allow customers to shipping different items to different locations, add handling fees for total order or per item basis, offer free shipping, add overall handling weight, waive shipping for particular items, ship by price/weight/flat fee or per item basis, restrict shipping to certain countries, support downloadable goods, set maximum box weight, ship items coming from differnt locations, apply UPS/USPS/Fedex, Canada Post rates, and many more…

Offer Free Shipping

Give away free shipping if needed if the order meets certain criteria that you define.

Add Handling Fees For Total Order Or Per Item

Automatically add handling fees to cover packaging costs, time or extra bulky items as needed.

Waive Shipping For Particular Items

Waive shipping on individual items for special promotions or for electronic goods that dont require shipping.

Add Overall Handling Weight

Automatically add an overall handling weight to your packages to cover the weight of boxes, packaging materials, etc.

Ship By Price, Weight, Flat Fee Or Per Item

You choose how shipping is calculated and how much to charge and the cart does the rest. Choose to split shipping costs by total weight, total price, per item, flat fee, by zip code and or by country.

Restrict Shipping To Certain Countries

If you do not want to ship to certain locations due to either fraud, local laws or other reason you can prevent customers from certain countries from checking out in your store by limiting the countries.

Allow Customers To Ship Different Items To Different Locations

At checkout customers can split their single cart and have it shipped to many different locations if you allow it. This allows a single payment for different shipments.

Support Downloadable Goods

For merchants who sell downloadable goods the products can be automatically delivered right to your customers computers. You can also waive shipping for these types of products.

Items Coming From Different Locations

The store allows for the configuration of different items coming from different locations and the ability to define different shipping rules for each different location. This means if you have several different dropshippers and or warehouses you can configure the shipping for each differently to more accurately reflect your costs.

Set Maximum Box Weight

Define a maximum weight per box for realtime shipping. If total weight of the order exceeds the maximum box weight the order will be split up into separate boxes to accurately calculate shipping.

UPS, Fedex, USPS, Canada Post Rates

Automatically retrieve actual rates from UPS, Fedex, USPS and Canada Post in realtime for display on your website. The shopping cart uses the starting zip code, ending zip code, and the weight of the products purchased to contact shippers you have enabled and find out the actual cost to ship via their services. These costs are then displayed to your shoppers who can choose from the rates you have enabled and the cost is automatically added to their cart.

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