Shopping Cart Package

Shopping Cart Software Package

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software Package Comes With Ready-Made Shopping Cart Templates to Kick Start Your Online Business.

Selling products online requires an array of shopping cart software package and products and services to get started. Prices of these products and services can range from 1000’s of dollars a month to free. In addition these ecommerce shopping carts and products can be purchased separately and then integrated together with software or purchased as a shopping cart software package that is already integrated. EasyStoreCreator is a shopping cart software package consisting of all the shopping cart templates, products and software needed to put your business online.

Custom ecommerce shopping carts solutions cost upwards of thousands of dollars and like most software projects they are always over budget and over cost. EasyStoreCreator allows you to have a store today which includes everything mentioned above (ie shopping cart templates) for a fraction of the cost. We offer a point and click shopping cart templates interface designed to walk you through the process of creating an online store. In addition we have trained customer support to help you in case you get stuck at any time.

Merchant Account

Merchant account for processing online transactions.

Credit Card Processor

Software or a person to process credit cards

Shopping Cart Program

Shopping cart program to present items to customer, compute prices, shipping, and taxes

Web Hosting

Hosting, a place to store all of your data and serve your web pages to customers, hosting should be reliable and fast, for ecommerce stores hosting needs to provide a database.

Domain Name

Domain name, in the internet a domain name is the equivalent of your stores address, this is how people find you.

Email Address

An official email address that represents your business identity.

Secure Site License

Secure Site License to capture credit card and other customer sensitive information.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program to bring in traffic to your site.

Site Promotion

Site Promotion and Search Engine Registration for keeping the online business live.

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