Email SPF and Domain Keys Added

Posted on December 7, 2009Categories FeaturesTags

StoreSecured has added additional sending security for all merchants using the StoreSecured mail server which will enhance the deliverability of your emails.  This additional security is added in the form of SPF records and domain keys for all currently hosted domains. What is SPF? SPF allows e-mail administrators the ability to specify which Internet hosts are allowed to send e-mail claiming to originate from that domain.  In other words we can tell other mail servers who should be allowed to … Continue reading “Email SPF and Domain Keys Added”

2 Tips to Reduce your Email Spam

Posted on December 1, 2009Categories Hints Tips and TricksTags

Don’t use the catch-all email addresses for your domain name, instead use email aliases A catch-all is a way to collect all email sent to a domain name that does not have its own email inbox.  Many merchants use this to collect email that is sent to different email addresses in a single inbox.  The advantage of a catch-all is that if a email is misspelled it will still be delivered to your inbox.  The disadvantage of catch-alls is that … Continue reading “2 Tips to Reduce your Email Spam”