FedEx Realtime Rate Changes

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The DLL used to communicate with FedEx has been updated to support the latest changes for real time rates.  Please note that with this new DLL change FedEx is returning different names for the different services, for instance … New Names First Overnight, Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, 2 Day AM, 2 Day, Express Saver, Ground Home Delivery Old Names FIRSTOVERNIGHT, PRIORITYOVERNIGHT, STANDARDOVERNIGHT, FEDEX2DAY, FEDEXEXPRESSSAVER, GROUNDHOMEDELIVERY For users who are using FedEx realtime rates and excluding certain rates based on their … Continue reading “FedEx Realtime Rate Changes”

How to switch to the new shipping system

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Did you know, its easy to switch to the new shipping system? Do you want to use the new shipping system but don’t want to have to recreate all of your shipping methods?  Just place a support request asking to have your shipping transferred from the old to the new shipping area and we will transfer your current shipping methods for you.  We still recommend that merchants review their shipping methods after the transfer but this will get you going … Continue reading “How to switch to the new shipping system”

New Feature for Shipping

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Shipping can now be calculated based on the number of items in the order. For example $5 per item.  Customer orders 4 items at $5 per item for shipping.  Total shipping cost would be 4 items x $5 = $20. In addition we have added the ability to add rules based on the number of items. For example 0-5 items shipping cost is $10, 6-10 items shipping cost is $15 and so on. All other rules and fees for shipping … Continue reading “New Feature for Shipping”