UPS Realtime Rates Issues updated 8:50am

StoreSecured is currently experiencing issues retrieving realtime rates for UPS.  At this time we are unaware of what is causing these issues.  All attempts to contact UPS for rate retrieval are met with error messages instead of actual rates.  We have contacted UPS and are awaiting a response from their technical team at this time.   We recommend that all customers using UPS realtime rates ensure that you have enabled at least one backup rate which will allow your customers to continue to checkout.

Update 8:30am

We have been contacted by UPS and informed that their security certificates have been updated as of yesterday morning and we will need to get the latest certificate from UPS in order for realtime rates to begin working again.  We are currently awaiting receipt of these new certificates from UPS.  We recommend disabling any UPS shipping methods currently until the issue is resolved.  We will update the blog further when the certificates are received and installed and UPS is tested and working so that all merchants are aware when UPS rates are again appearing.

Update 8:50am

The certificates have now been received from UPS and are installed.  All realtime rates are now returning once again from UPS as normal.

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