Ways to increase your sites conversions (part 2)

Continuing our series on how to increase conversions this article will cover increasing conversion through the use of unique content.

  • Tell people what to buy. If you sell multiple different types of a certain product tell them which one is the best and why. Use your personal experience to help your clients get over the tough questions.
  • Give folks the information they need to decide what to buy. A buyers guide has been shown to increase conversions by up to 50%.
  • Never use the manufacturers copy and description for your items. Every other ecommerce site is using the same pictures and descriptions. Make your site unique by taking your own pictures and writing your own descriptions. This will greatly increase your rankings with the search engines by giving your site unique instead of duplicate content.
  • Play 20 questions with every product starting with your most popular products. Think of questions that you would have as a potential buyer of the same product.
  • If you can afford it, use professional pictures. The image can make a huge difference on how the product looks especially since your visitors cannot pickup the actual product.
  • Capture content anyway you can. If you use the products yourself take video and/or pictures of yourself using them. Get testimonials from users.
  • Use the text from the product box if available.